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सुगंध दशमी पर मंदिरों में विशेष पूजा-अर्चना


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सेटलमेंट कमेटी की बैठक में 20 मामलों का निस्तारण


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ayush October 23, 2017 at 10:02 am

I took 0444 Nandu double sleeper from Beawer to Gurgaon. The Travel bus was made a transport us with all the cargo put even inside the bus forcing the passengers to keep the luggage at gallery. But greed of the operator was not yet fulfilled as there were 25 other people made to sit in gallery. The overcrowded bus was a mess and i have to keep all my luggage in my sleeper making it very unpleasing for me and my wife and kid to sleep.

Thsi could have following issues:

1. Illegal usage of travel bus with loading of cargo all inside the bus.

2. Illegal acceptance of black money by alllowing 25 extra people inside the bus without any formal ticket.

3. Complete violation of safety rules as these passengers have no identity and overweight bus could lead to accident.

4. Complete violation of women safety norms by allowing lower class passengers without tickets and they keep smoking and uttering bad words.

I am forced to forward a written letter to local police station for checking all your buses and also approach consumer court against your travels and Shri mahaveer Nakoda travels Beawer for violating all norms.

I am waiting for your revert and then i shall approach the legal doors with pictures of the bus.


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